Privacy Policy

Registration: When registering to contract hotel services with Azul Marino, it asks you to fill out a registration form in which your name, address and street number, country, telephone number, email address and other information are specified. We use this registration information to assist us in carrying out the transactions you have initiated, making reservations, contacting you for customer service, improving our offerings and services, and collecting statistics on our affiliates. We will use these statistics to classify our affiliates, for example by country of residence, and to send them new services and promotions. We may use your email address to contact you in relation to such new services and promotions or to send you promotional circular letters or electronic messages, unless you do not wish to (see below: opt out policy).

Surveys: Azul Marino may periodically carry out or submit online surveys. The information obtained through these surveys is used to improve product and service offerings of Azul Marino.

Website use: Azul Marino keeps track of host IP addresses for system security and administration purposes. We also monitor page traffic by tracking page views which allows us to plan for growth (eg adding new servers).

Cookies: Azul Marino uses cookies in order to make the page more “user friendly”, allowing you to use services without having to repeatedly enter registration information.

Disclosure to third parties: If you reserve or purchase products or services on this page, Azul Marino provides relevant personal information to the contracted service provider involved to complete transactions. Azul Marino also provides personal information to its third-party service providers (such as programmers Azul Marino  who attend Azul Marino in the supply, maintenance and marketing of this page, but those third parties are subject to confidentiality agreements that prohibit the unauthorized use or disclosure of the information to which they have access.

Azul Marino does not sell “user listings” or individual member names to third parties, and does not intend to do so in the future. Azul Marino will disclose personal information to government officials or legal entities when we believe in good faith that the law requires it, and we will disclose personal information, if we believe it is necessary to do so to protect against interference of the rights or property of Azul Marino or its users. Azul Marino You may also share personal information with your affiliates.

Information storage and transfer:For security reasons, Azul Marino does not store information about the credit cards of its users For this reason, each time the user makes a transaction, they must enter their credit card details again. All other personal information is collected and stored on servers physically located in the United States.  Azul Marino may relocate these servers to any other country, in the future, and may store personal information in the United States or elsewhere. countries, for backup purposes.

External links: This page has links (links) to other pages. Azul Marino is not responsible for the confidentiality or content of such web pages.

Public access to information: By placing information in a public area of ​​this page (for example: notices, chat groups, electronic photo albums) this information will be available to other members and users of the page. Azul Marino cannot control the use made by members and users of the information published on the page. Please remember that any information disclosed in these areas may become public information and care must be exercised when deciding to disclose such information.

Security:This page contains security measures to protect against loss, misuse, or alteration of information, under the control of Azul Marino  These security measures include the use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption which is a system that allows your browser to automatically encrypt data before sending it to Azul Marino  Despite our security measures, please note that “perfect security” does not exist on the Internet.

To contact us: If you have questions about this “Declaration of Confidentiality”, the practices Azul Marino  or your negotiations with the Azul Marino page, you can contact us in the «Contact» section.

Applicability:By browsing and / or using this page you expressly accept any use and disclosure of the information that you provide to the page (“personal information”) in accordance with the conditions of use of Azul Marino and this ” Declaration of Confidentiality ”. This “Declaration of Confidentiality” is incorporated into and subject to the conditions of use of Azul Marino.  This page is for hotel rental purposes and any other use is prohibited.