José Ignacio

José Ignacio is a beach location in Maldonado, Uruguay, 20 minutes from Punta del Este.
In these place, you will see a privilege zone in the atlantic zone.
It is a small peninsula with ocean all with two miles long and 800 miles width. In one side,viewing west, is the Mansa Beach, with fishing boats and fantastic sunsets. In other side, at East, Brava Beach, with good waves

The lighthouse, is an icon, built in 1877. The focal high is 32.5 meters, with a view of 16.5 km, and the light is 9 km. You can visit every day and se the fantastic view.
Jose Ignacio is an ideal place for a good vacation. How we say: Aquí solo corre el viento.

An aditional information for the visits is the gastronomy. The restaurants is a good atraction for those who wants to eat fish.
The beachs, are so good for surfing and windsurf.
All these description makes José Ignacio a good zone for visit. From all parts of the world.